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CORE Comfort is an aspect of our work we take great pride in and most seats can be improved for comfort. Due to the vast variety of seats and requirements of their riders, all quotes are provided on an individual basis with the following:

Solo (single seat) Comfort Conversion - from £150

Dual/Bench/Cafe (with space for a pillion) Comfort Conversion- from £200

Split Dual (two separate seats) Comfort Conversion - from £240

The above estimates include custom foam work and upholstery in plain vinyl with the least number of panels needed to cover the foam effectively and minimal stitching. Chargeable design features include panel work, stitch patterns, piping and logos.

Additional fees may be added for heating elements, extra labour time to strip difficult seats, and the replacement of missing parts such as rubbers. 

To discuss and order a bespoke CORE Comfort Conversion please use the 'Contact Us' page or call us directly on 07535026115

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