CORE FAQ & Care Tips

Why do your lead times vary?

We are a very small business and with biking being a seasonal activity for many riders, our busiest time of year is as the warmer weather is approaching and during the summer. We have much shorter lead times during the winter months. Lead times can also vary depending on material availability and the amount of hours required to complete. If you have a tour or trip approaching, please book at least six weeks in advance to avoid disappointment

Do we use gel pads?

All CORE seats are altered and finished by hand. The foam is ergonomically sculpted in our workshop and tailored to the specific requirements of the rider, or by their height and weight. Gel pads do not provide long term comfort and performance, which is so important to every seat we craft. We frequently work on seats brought to us by customers complaining of discomfort which require gel pads or inserts to be removed

Do I need a standard Vulcan seat or an XL seat?

For riders under 14 stone AND under 6ft who don't take a pillion will have improved comfort with a CORE standard seat compared to the stock seat. We strongly advise an XL seat for riders who are above 14 stone OR 6ft tall to ensure that the comfort level can be maintained. We also recommend an XL seat for those who regularly take a pillion, or ride long distances / use their bike for touring

Is the leather genuine?

Yes, we use genuine leather hides from reputable suppliers, and with our knowledge and experience in the upholstery industry, only the highest quality materials are used to finish CORE seats. We also stock a range of quality coloured vinyls and luxurious alcantara

Why does my seat colour look different to the online image?

We have tried to capture accurate representations of our materials for the swatches shown on each product using adequate lighting, however all our materials can appear slightly different in various light settings. We are happy to send out swatch samples for you to colour match to the bike before you place your order

Are CORE seats waterproof?

We make every effort during production of our seats to protect the foam using a waterproof layer before fitting the cover. However, we do advise that seats are removed from the bike during cleaning, and if used out in excessive wet weather, that the seat is removed and stood upright in a clean dry area to thoroughly dry out before the next use. Seats with lots of stitching or panelling are more vulnerable to water getting under the cover. If this happens, gently rub over the material towards the stitching so the water can escape and dry out thoroughly before fitting back to the bike

Following the below tips will protect the longevity and comfort of your seat:

  • If your seat gets wet, dry off with a towel as soon as possible
  • Remove the seat from the bike when washing
  • If the seat does get excessively wet, gently squeegee out the excess water and stand the seat upright with a towel underneath in a warm dry area, and allow to thoroughly dry out before riding again
  • Use a damp cloth and a gentle soap solution to clean any stains, or wipe down with a chemical free wipe
  • We recommend using a cover if your bike is regularly kept outside
  • Please refrain from using the seat to manoeuvre the bike as this can damage the seat

*** We do not recommend any waterproof treatment sprays! ***

If you wish to apply a waterproof treatment, please check carefully with the manufacturer of the product to ensure it is suitable for your chosen material. We do not accept any responsibility for damage caused to the material if chemical products are applied, and strongly advise conducting a patch test before use