Cover Fitting & Foam Alteration Services


For customers who already have a cover and require a professional fit:

Single Seat - UK ONLY

Strip & Re-cover from £40 

Cover only from £25


If you're looking for a minor alteration to your seat, it is possible to lower most seats, and some seats will tolerate a slight raise. We can only raise the foam a minimal amount before a new cover to fit is required

If you are looking for more than a minor adjustment please visit our Comfort Conversions page

Single Seat - UK ONLY

Lowering Service:

Standard Seat from £60

Heated Seat from £80

Minimal Raising OR Adjustment Service:

Standard Seat from £70

Heated Seat from £80

* The above charges are subject to change depending on the seat type

If you're local to us, get in touch to book an appointment and in most cases we can complete the work while you wait

If you need to send us your seat, use the form on our contact page with full details of the work you require and send your seat to our registered address

Please ensure your seat is clearly labelled with your contact details

There will be a £15 carriage charge (UK orders ONLY) to return your seat once completed