Cancellation & Returns Policy


A 14 day 'cooling off' period will be honoured on all sales. Any orders cancelled after this 14 day cooling off period will still be completed and charged in full


Please always follow the care instructions, any deviation from this advice will invalidate any defects later claimed

Leather is a natural material and will therefore always have natural markings such as dents, scars, scratches, wrinkles or blemishes. Natural markings are no defect but rather indications of genuine leather. Irregularities in the texture or the consistency of colour are no fault but inherent to the material. Refunds will not be given for such markings unless the integrity of the seat is affected

Your motorcycle seat may take several weeks to 'bed in' as it shapes to suit your bike and body. Please bear this in mind before reporting any comfort issues. Due to the individuality of all riders, comfort cannot be guaranteed for every seat, however we will do our best to rectify any issues within THREE months of you receiving your seat


Partial or full refunds will only be given on defective seats or where there is a quality issue arising within THREE months providing the defect cannot be rectified. Upon inspection we will deem whether the item in question has been tampered with, misused or devalued prior to giving a refund, and all refunds will be processed on an individual basis. Agreed refunds will be processed within five working days upon receipt of the returned item

Postage costs will not be refunded for returns and remain the responsibility of the customer

RETURN ADDRESS: CORE motorcycle Ltd, The Barn, Ashtree Farm, Sudbrooke Lane, Nettleham, Lincolnshire, LN2 2QQ